To Scrub Or Not To Scrub…Then How Do You Remove Those Carpet Stains?

Carpets can really make your house feel like home. With the right carpet, you will always have that feeling of coziness. You will want to take off your shoes and snuggle in your toes. You will use it to decorate your home and isolate certain corners of a room. Not to mention that you will love watching your children playing safely on that warm fuzzy carpet, instead of lying on the cold floor tiles. Then again, the entire above only works if the carpet is clean!

The Get Set Clean experts know, however, that no carpet will stay clean forever. No matter how much you try to maintain it impeccable, a time will come when an accident will happen. It is either that, you instantly realize that you have dropped something on the carpet, or you will have a shock discovering a hidden stain. As you probably know, all the general home cleaning tips insist that the sooner you step in and clean up the mess, the easier it will be. And that works for carpet stains too. But it is not all about the timing…

If you do not know how to proceed, or if you are not using the right cleaning products or the appropriate cleaning solution for that fabric, you risk spreading the stain or even rubbing it in, deeper. If you are having this question in mind, to scrub or not to scrub, and decide you are better ignoring it, just because you fear you will make it worse, do not. We have a couple of practical tips to share with you.

The essentials of how to remove those carpet stains

Timing is of the essence, but it is not the only one. Aside from how fast you interfere, the temperature, the chemical ingredients, and the actual movements that you apply on the stain will also make a significant difference. And to solve one major conundrum, once and for all, do not scrub the stain! At least not at first, when you will prefer to blot or to vacuum, depending on the nature of the stain…

So far, we have to agree that minimizing the extent of a carpet stain is mostly about cleaning it up as soon as you can and not rubbing it! Everything else will depend on the nature of the stain, if it was caused by a solid substance or a liquid.

With liquid stains, it is best if you use a couple of kitchen towels and press them gently but firmly on top of the spill. When you have removed as much of the liquid excess as possible, you can apply a mixture of ammonia and hot water.

With solid stains, paper towels will do the work and you just need to scoop or to scrape the excess of the stain from the carpet. Then again, you will have to apply an ammonia mixture on top of it and use our carpet stains removal trick from below…

The stain removal trick that will help you a lot

To obtain the ammonia mixture, you must combine equal parts of water and ammonia, stirring it as well as you can. Then, you should transfer the mixture into a spray bottle, screw it, shake if necessary, and spray on what is left of the stain. Put another clean towel on top of it and bring up the preheated clothes iron and apply it on the towel. Soon enough, you should notice the stain transferring into the towel and your carpet remaining clean.

If you are still not feeling confident after you finish reading our guide on how to remove carpet stains effectively, Get Set Clean is here to help you – just book a cleaning session with us and we will take care of all the messy things.

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