5 Ways To Clean Your Home Efficiently

5 Ways To Clean Your Home Efficiently

When cleaning up residential housing, efficiency is an important part of the Get Set Clean method. For domestic cleaning services in London, inefficiency can result in higher costs and lost time. Being both efficient and thorough ensures that our clients’ homes are always clean and fresh smelling. For those in-between professional clean times, homeowners typically take much longer than necessary to clean their homes.

With that in mind, we are going to share some tips on how to clean your home more efficiently:

1. Do Not Spray Cleaners Directly – spray cleaning products onto a clean cloth to wipe hard surfaces or furniture. Spraying onto the surface may cause excessive dampness that’s harder to clean up. If you over-spray, it takes time to wipe off excess chemicals on the surface and you will have less control of the process.

2. Only Vacuum Carpets And Rugs – for families without young children, their homes are usually more organised and cleaner, to begin with. For carpets and rugs with minimum foot traffic, you only need to vacuum them. If there are stains, domestic cleaning services in London may use stain removers.

3. Avoid Using Highly Concentrated Cleaning Solutions – it is wrong to assume that cleaning solutions with higher concentrations will get your home cleaner. Windows, fixtures, and work surfaces may look foggy against the sunlight if the solution is not properly diluted. If windows look dull due to improper clean-up procedures, you will need to use water mixed with a small amount of mild detergent to wash off the dried solution. Adding an extra procedure is a waste of both time and money. Instead of spraying directly to the window, you need to spray on a clean rag first and use it to wipe the glass surface.

4. Use Very Little Water For Wood Floors – avoid mopping wood floors with too much water because it may discolour the finish. Instead, use special chemicals to clean up wood floors. If wood floors are too wet, the panels can warp and it could be very expensive to repair.

5. Sweep And Then Mop – it may take too much time to clean up a dirty floor. Sweep thoroughly to remove loose dirt and dust. Mop from the farthest corners of the room and finish it on the doorway. After completing a small area, rinse the mop. Wait until the floor is dry and decide if it’s necessary to mop again.   

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